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You're Invited: Join an Online Seminar on Impulsive and Compulsive Behaviors

Did you know that some people with Parkinson’s may develop changes in behaviors, including compulsive gambling, shopping, eating and sexual behaviors? Find out more by joining PDF and Daniel Weintraub, M.D., of the University of Pennsylvania next Tuesday, September 27 for a one-hour online seminar.


PD ExpertBriefing: Impulsive and Compulsive Disorders in Parkinson’s

When: Tuesday, September 27 at 1:00 PM EDT

Where: Online or by Phone

Who: PDF, joined by Daniel Weintraub, M.D., of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.

What: For some people with Parkinson’s, impulsive and compulsive behaviors may be mild, (for example, increased focus on eating sweets with a 10 pound weight gain). For others, the impact may be severe. People who experience compulsive gambling and compulsive shopping may lose large sums of money. Those who binge eat may experience significant weight gain. Dr. Weintraub will discuss these behaviors, why they occur, when they become a “disorder” and what you can do to address them.

How to Attend:
To join by computer, register now and you will receive tips for testing your computer to ensure the seminar plays properly on the day of the event. You can listen in through your computer or by calling a unique toll‐free number. To join by phone, register now and you will receive a unique number and pass code to use the day of the event.
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Support Groups

Are you a leader of a support group? Call us for ideas for viewing as a group with your members. Consider holding a group discussion afterwards. PDF also has limited copies of last year’s series on DVD for those support groups unable to watch online.
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