In 2015, 25 women joined the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation at the launch of its Women and PD Initiative.  Hear from these inspiring women, our newest PDF Advocates, all of whom live with PD, about their experiences.

Darcy Blake“The 25 attendees at PDF’s Women & PD Conference are a remarkable bunch. The experience for each attendee was like putting together a beautiful puzzle to be able to finally connect people with their stories. Each of us has vowed to do something for women with PD in our community. Robin Morgan (who helped to launch the initiative) says she likes PDF because they’re all about empowering the patient, and I would have to agree.  PDF plus 25 women means magic!”
-Darcy Blake, Redwood City, CA

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Maria De Leon, M.D.“Although they came from all walks of life, each woman at the PDF Women and PD Initiative, had in her own way, already taken the bricks that were thrown at her by this progressive incurable neurological illness and decided to make a fort for herself and others. Rather than focus on the broken pieces, we have all chosen to focus on what it is we can STILL do with those broken pieces and to rewrite our own story. Let our work help other Parkinson’s women around the globe find their own strength and summon their inner diva to rewrite their own stories as well!”
- Maria De Leon, M.D., Nacogdoches, TX

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Sharon Kirscher“After returning home from PDF’s Women and Parkinson’s conference, I remain on a high. We are all taking skills from our ‘former lives’ and using them to reach out to other women who also have PD.  The most important thing we learned is how to be proactive about how we let Parkinson’s control our lives.  We threw out the words, 'perfect, should and normal' from our vocabularies.  We learned about the psychological effects of Parkinson’s and the benefits of exercise.  I am truly honored to be part of this distinguished group of women.”
-Sharon Krischer, M.S., M.A., Beverly Hills, CA

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