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2014 Creativity Calendar Inspires

For the past couple of years, I have ordered your Creativity Calendars and given them to the members of our local quilt guild and to my family. They all love receiving them. The size is perfect, and the artwork amazing.
Diane E. Kerbow, Longview, TX, via email

We have a support group … and find not only the artwork, but also the quotes by the artists to be very inspirational. Though they all have Parkinson’s in common, their positive attitude, tenacity and sheer appreciation for life and art speaks to everyone.
Linda Mullen, Vernon Hills, IL, via email

The idea of being creative, the website and calendar are all great support and encouragement for our patients.
Joan Hlas, M.S.W., Golden Valley, MN, via email

Note from the editor: Order a free copy of the calendar by calling (800) 457-6676 or emailing (include your address).

Readers Respond to Fall Issue’s “To Tell or Not to Tell?” by Claire Berman

Such a poignant, honest insight into the shock of diagnosis and its aftermath and the struggle toward acceptance. Thank you, Claire, for so beautifully articulating what so many go through.
Diane Cook, Denver, CO, member, PDF People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council, via Facebook

Viewers React to PD ExpertBriefing on Sexuality and Intimacy

This lets us know that we are not alone.
Anonymous, via survey

I found this session seemed more 'general' in trying to cover a sensitive and complex topic.
Anonymous, via survey

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