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Get Ready For Parkinson's Awareness Month!

Every year, we recognize April as Parkinson’s Awareness Month.  Let’s start planning now to ensure the world takes notice of Parkinson’s in 2011.  How can you take part? 
  • Spread the Word ... let the public know about this disease that affects many millions of people worldwide.
  • Educate Yourself & Others ... ensure that people with PD have access to the latest information about disease management and that the public better understands what it means to live with it.
  • Support the Cure ... help to raise funds and participate in the search for new treatments and a cure.

PDF is offering a free 30-page 2011 toolkit with tips on ways to make a difference this coming April. 
Order it today and browse a sample of these tips below to get started early:


Spread the Word ...

  • Vote or participate in the PDF Awareness Month T-Shirt Design Contest.  Design submissions are due by Monday, January 31.  Voting closes Tuesday, March 1! 
  • Focus the media on PD!  Use our press releases, statistics and tips to help you tell your story. 
  • Make Parkinson’s Awareness Month official in your state or city, using a sample proclamation from the toolkit.
  • Hang up posters from PDF around your community to publicize the need for a cure.
  • Recruit supporters online.  Update your Facebook status each day of Parkinson’s Awareness Month and invite friends to join PDF’s page.

Educate Yourself & Others ...

  • Shatter the myths of PD.  Do you find that people around you do not truly understand Parkinson’s disease?  What do people need to know about how PD affects your life?   Join in our video and photo campaign today at
  • Join PDF’s PD ExpertBriefing,“What’s in the Parkinson’s Pipeline?” by phone or online, in April.
  • Bring the Parkinson’s Quilt to your community, by renting an 8’ by 8’ panel to show the impact of PD. 
  • Distribute free educational materials from PDF at your local hospital, support group or awareness event.
  • Find a support group in your community by calling PDF’s HelpLine.
  • Partner with your local library. 
  • Sign the Global Parkinson’s Pledge!  Can you help us reach one million signatures by 2013?

Support the Cure ...

  • Challenge those around you to raise funds for research by joining our “30 in 30” Parkinson’s Awareness Month Challenge. Sign up to hold your own fundraising event in April, whether it’s a bake sale, a walk or a 5K and we’ll help you do it!
  • Set up your own personal web page in honor of someone who lives with PD.  You can include photos, personal stories and more.  Visit
  • Attend an event, like the Parkinson’s Unity Walk in New York in April, where the PDF Pacers will be walking.  Find an event in your community or post one at
  • Shop to Support. Buy mugs, hats and other items to show your support at

Order a free Parkinson’s Awareness Month Toolkit: 
(800) 457-6676  |  |

*This PD Tulip was designed by Karen Painter, a person living with Parkinson’s. 
PDF thanks Ms. Painter for sharing this tulip freely with the community to raise awareness of Parkinson's.