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In Their Own Words: Why We Support PDF

Each member of the PDF Board of Directors has a personal stake in our mission to end Parkinson’s. Here are their stories.

Howard Morgan, Chair

My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in his mid 60s. He is pictured at left, joining me at a PDF event via video.

He was a proud man who only reluctantly accepted his diagnosis. He had just begun to fight back against PD with exercise when he died of another illness at 73.

My father’s fight and the struggle we are all a part of – whether it is your own diagnosis or that of a loved one or a friend – is personal.  

Stephanie Goldman-Pittel

Stephanie Goldman-Pittel and familyMy father Allan lives with Parkinson's. When we first learned of his diagnosis, our primary concern was finding him the best care.

My grandmother was a friend of Page Morton Black, who was Chairman of PDF until shortly before her death earlier this year. After learning of my father's diagnosis, Mrs. Black and PDF were incredibly helpful in getting us to the right doctors.

I cannot think of any other PD organization that follows through on its mission with such personal and caring action. And this is the same way PDF approaches its research programs and its goal of ending Parkinson's.

Much like you, my family and I would love nothing more than to see an end to this terrible disease.

Gregory H. Romero

Gregory H. Romero and familyIn the fall of 2003, my brother and I lost our father to parkinsonism. His disease had a tremendous impact on our family.

After our loss, we were determined that no other family would have to go through the difficult journey that we did – and, if they had to, that there would be resources and support available. So we became involved with PDF.

My family has learned that PDF shares our goals – PDF is at the forefront of funding research for a cure and devotes significant resources to improving the quality of life for those affected and their families.

Arlene Levine

Arlene LevineMy mother lived with Parkinson's disease for many years. When my father died just a few years after her diagnosis, my mom and I became a team. I managed her care and stood by her side for ten years.

This experience taught me the very high cost of Parkinson's disease, and motivated me to help find a solution, so I joined PDF's Board.

I have since learned that PDF's mission to fund research is paramount. I learned from personal experience that the work PDF does to support people living with PD and their families through education and advocacy programs is critical.


Thomas Palizzi

I was diagnosed with PD more than five years ago. It hasn’t stopped me from doing the things I love, like snowboarding, cycling and traveling with my wife and children. And it hasn't stopped me from doing the things I need to do, professionally and socially.

But I know that so far, I am fortunate. Parkinson’s affects people in different ways and progresses at different rates.

PDF knows that time is of the essence for people with Parkinson’s. So PDF is funding researchers who are getting things done, who are taking unique approaches toward finding new treatments and hopefully one day, a cure.

That's why last year during the holidays, my family replaced our holiday gift exchange with a donation to PDF.