Many Ways to Give

Are you looking to contribute to Parkinson’s research in a way that better fits your financial planning and lifestyle?

Perhaps you are interested in making a donation through your workplace or prefer a type of gift that "gives back” (for example, cash gifts and bequests, property and trust arrangements)?

These gifts may have benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Providing immediate tax benefits
  • Conferring advantages ranging from guaranteed income for life to provide reliable, tax-protected ways of transferring wealth to the next generation
  • Including a matching gift from your employer 

Bear in mind that while we prefer unrestricted gifts (that is, gifts without conditions, enabling us to place them where they can do the most good at the time we receive them), we also respect the donor's wish to restrict a gift to one or more of the activities conducted under the Foundation's auspices (fellowships, for example, or public education or research).

To read more about planned giving, please call or email PDF to request our publication: Giving With Common Sense: A Guide to Planned Giving Opportunities.

For more information, contact:
Yasnahia Cortorreal, Vice President, Administration
(800) 457-6676 or (212) 923-4700

Thank you for your generosity.