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Comments on US BRAIN Initiative and PDF’s Call for Patient Involvement

I am happy to finally see some commitment from our government towards the various brain diseases. As a person with Parkinson's disease, I thank you President Obama.
John Weber, via Facebook

I also am happy to see some more effort put into the research of the brain!
Brenda Gaines, via Facebook

I, too, echo your [PDF’s] desire to have the patient perspective included in all the discussions with the major players. Let's keep this conversation going — it's exciting to see movement in this direction. Small steps, but important ones.
Robin K., PDF Research Advocate, via Blogger

Viewers Comment on PD ExpertBriefing: What’s in the Pipeline?

Excellent! Some medical terms went over my head, but I realize the necessity for them.
Anonymous, via survey

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Viewers Comment on PD ExpertBriefing: Under-recognized Nonmotor Symptoms

I did not think this info would apply to me. How wrong I was!! Thank you for educating me on nonmotor symptoms. I have experienced some of the symptoms (prior to diagnosis) and never knew they were related [to PD].
Anonymous, via survey

It’s encouraging to hear that these symptoms are normal when those around me dismiss them.
Anonymous, via survey

I absolutely would like a DVD of this to share with other health professionals.
Anonymous health care professional, via survey

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