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Viewers React to PD ExpertBriefing on “Medications: Today and Tomorrow”

"Dr. Comella was excellent. I plan to share it with support groups when it is online."
Anonymous, via survey

[Note from the editor: All PD ExpertBriefings are available on PDF’s website.Support group leaders can also order DVDs of the programs by contacting PDF.]

"It would be wonderful if we could have a translated copy for those who don't have a total proficiency in the [medical] language."
Anonymous, via survey

[Note from the editor: A simplified fact sheet based upon Dr. Comella’s presentation will be available in August.]

Readers Comment on Spring News & Review, “Seeking Out a Parkinson’s Specialist”

"Finding the right doctor gave me my life back. I drive almost four hours one-way to see a movement disorders specialist – it's worth the drive."
Dianne Hardman, via Facebook

"Very helpful! Used it twice today!"
Diane Cook, (@newPWP), via Twitter

Community Discusses Parkinson’s Awareness Month

"I received a call from a woman who read my Letter to the Editor in our local paper and told me how it touched her. Even if we all decide to do something small, it is that one extra person who learns about Parkinson's that then spreads the word to someone else, and so on!"
Linda Giorgilli, via Facebook

"People with Parkinson's can and should be part of the solution."
Carol Schulte, via PAIR Up for Parkinson’s Educational Forum in NYC

"It is so important that WE use this month to celebrate, educate, and share with our families, friends, elected officials, and the general public about the need for research, better treatments, and a cure."
Diane Durkee, via email

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