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Community Enjoys Creativity Calendar

I recently received an extra 50 copies of your 2013 calendar. This will make a joyful present for all our Painting with Parkinson’s members, our friends and families.
Nancy Tingey, Founder, Painting with Parkinson's, Canberra, Australia, via email

[Note from the editor: Order a free copy of the Creativity & Parkinson's calendar by visiting PDF's online store here, or by emailing or calling (800) 457-6676.]

Facebook Users Respond to Our Post "What's Your New Year's Resolution?"

To keep moving and learning new things. To focus on what I can do and let go of what I can't. When experiencing a difficult day — change my plans and thoughts to make it a positive day. Have a sense of humor. I recently started boxing and it is amazing how it is helping me in so many ways! Officially diagnosed at 36 in 1999.
Frank Rumoro, via Facebook

My resolution is the same as it was before New Year's: to do as much as I can, as well as I can, for as long as I can, despite being diagnosed with PD at 47 in 2012.
Bill Jenczyk, via Facebook

My resolution is to try and make each day count. To stay as active as possible and just keep going even when I think I can't. Diagnosed two years ago at age 36.
Kim Capoziello, via Facebook

Viewers React to PD ExpertBriefing: "Gait, Balance and Falls in Parkinson's"

This provided much relief to my anxiety and gave me something positive to work towards in dealing with my mother's recent diagnosis.
Anonymous, via survey

This has motivated me to sign up for membership in our church's exercise facility to walk systematically several days a week.
Anonymous, via survey

Your seminar has awoken the occupational therapist in me to better help my parents.
Anonymous, via survey

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