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Viewers Comment on January’s Online Seminar, “Driving and Parkinson’s”

We are struggling with our Mom and her driving abilities. This briefing was timely and informative. 
Anonymous, via survey

Excellent Series. It's important to hear from the experts who are on the front lines. 
Anonymous, via survey

I was encouraged to know I am already implementing some cautions in driving by planning my routes, avoiding heavy traffic, driving when I am at my best and avoiding unfamiliar areas, etc. Thanks for an encouraging and informative seminar! 
Anonymous, via survey

Community Reacts to WNBA Player Ivory Latta’s New Role as PDF Champions Ambassador

Always sad to hear of others who have loved ones also battling this unforgiving disease! It is however enlightening when someone who has some public status comes to the platform to help spread the word about our fight to cure PD. Thank you Ivory! 
Gail Marie PK, via Facebook

Wonderful, a great contribution to the team.
@YumaBev, via Twitter

Community Responds to Dr. Beck’s Blog, “What Can Alzheimer’s Tell Us About Parkinson’s?”

As founder of an active Parkinson’s support group, I am anxious to report these findings at our next meeting. This will give hope to our members and their caregivers.
mmhcisco, via Blogger

Regardless of whether this research leads to an actual treatment or not, it will most certainly help in the quest for a cure. 
Marian Bumala, via Blogger

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