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Shatter the Myths of Parkinsonís this April!

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Over the years, you have told us that the public needs to better understand Parkinson's and we agree.  This April, join the Parkinson’s community in shattering the myths of Parkinson’s by:

Spreading the Word…

  • Focus the media on PD!  Use our press releases, statistics and tips to help you tell your story.
  • Make Parkinson’s Awareness Month official in your state or city, using a sample proclamation from the toolkit.
  • Hang up posters from PDF around your community to publicize the need for a cure.

Educating Yourself & Others...

Supporting the Cure...

  • Raise funds for research by joining our “30 in 30” Parkinson’s Awareness Month Event Challenge.  Sign up to hold your own fundraising event in April, whether it’s a bake sale, a walk or a 5K run and we’ll help you do it!  Visit
  • Purchase the official PDF Parkinson’s Awareness Month T-Shirt at

PDF is offering a free 30-page 2011 toolkit with tips on ways to make a difference this coming April. 

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