Fees & Registration

Currently, the Parkinson's Quilt is unavailable for rental. If you are interested in displaying the Quilt, please contact us at info@pdf.org.

There is a small fee for each rental.  All monies raised from these fees will be used to maintain the project with additional funds earmarked for research exploring the therapeutic value of creativity in Parkinson’s.  Fees vary based on corporate or nonprofit status and the total number of sections rented. Shipping and handling fees also vary based on location.

All those interested in displaying the quilt are asked to complete an online application.  After submitting your application, a PDF staff member will contact you to discuss your application and process your fee.

Quilters: If you contributed a panel to the quilt, PDF is offering rental at 50 percent off the nonprofit prices listed below. Please indicate on your application if you are a quilter. If you would like to rent your block of the quilt, we will do our best to accomodate but can not guarantee availability.


Number of Sections      

Corporate Fees          

Nonprofit Fees


 $500+ s/h 

 $150+ s/h   


 $550+ s/h       $185+ s/h


 $600+ s/h  $220+ s/h


 $650+ s/h  $255+ s/h


 $700+ s/h  $290+ s/h


 $750+ s/h  $315+ s/h


 $800+ s/h  $340+ s/h


 $850+ s/h  $365+ s/h


 $900+ s/h  $390+ s/h


 $950+ s/h  $415+ s/h