Display Guide

Interested in displaying the Parkinson's Quilt in your community?  Get started now.  First, read our guide below for tips on finding a good display site.  Then, submit an online application, which asks for details about your site and goals in displaying the Parkinson's Quilt.

Displaying the Parkinson's Quilt - A Guide

This installation guide describes the ways that you can care for the Parkinson’s Quilt while it is in your possession.  Quilt panels cannot be replaced, as each panel is a unique, hand-crafted tribute to someone affected by Parkinson’s.  By following these guidelines, you will protect the integrity of the quilt and preserve the work of those who created it.

Choosing a Display Site

All displays must be indoors.  Your display site can be an auditorium, library, gymnasium, conference room, sanctuary, or any other room in your facility that meets the following guidelines:

  • The quilt section(s) must be hung on walls larger than 8’ x 8’.
  • The quilt section(s) must be displayed in a location visible to the general public.
  • The quilt section(s) may be displayed in high-traffic areas, such as lobbies.  However, you must ensure that there is ample space so that the quilt section(s) will not be damaged.
  • The site must be off-limits from smoking and other hazardous elements.
  • Displays of the quilt section(s) must be free of charge; if the display would typically carry an admission fee, there must be a way for the quilt section(s) to be viewed without cost.
  • The display room must be in a secure area to ensure protection of the quilt section(s).

Other considerations when choosing a display site:

  • Seating allows you to conduct special events at the display.
  • Lighting affects how well visitors can see the quilt sections(s) and can be used to create a special mood at the display.
  • Loud noises may prevent you from creating a respectful atmosphere.
  • Audio-visual equipment may be needed for special events at the display, such as guest speakers or video presentations.

Protecting the Quilt

While the Parkinson’s Quilt section is with your organization, you are responsible for protecting it.  Please remember that each quilt panel has been made with care by a person living with or affected by Parkinson’s.  By taking great care in handling the quilt, you can help us to respect our community members and to ensure that the quilt is available for other community members in the future. 

No one may add anything to, remove anything from, write on, or in any other way alter a panel. (Should a visitor assert panel-maker status and claim the right to change a panel – call PDF at (212) 923-4700 or email us at quilt@pdf.org immediately for assistance.)

Setting up a Quilt Display

When hanging the quilt section(s), the following techniques are recommended:

  • The quilt section(s) must never touch the floor and should be suspended from a dowel or displayed against a wall (attached at grommets) freestanding.
  • Never hang the quilt in front of a window.
  • Never hang the quilt near any source of heat.
  • Never bunch, tie, or drape the quilt.

Shipping and Receiving of the Quilt

When the Quilt Arrives:

The quilt section(s) will be shipped from New York and may arrive up to a week before the scheduled display.  When the quilt section(s) arrive, the contact person must email PDF at quilt@pdf.org to confirm arrival.

The quilt section(s) must be kept in the suitcase, in a secure area, before you set up the display.  In this suitcase, you will find specific instructions and UPS return address labels.  Please store these forms carefully, so they are available to you at the conclusion of your display.

When you Return the Quilt:

After the display, carefully fold the quilt section(s) into the plastic bag it arrived in and place it inside the suitcase for shipment. The contact person must email PDF at quilt@pdf.org to advise when the quilt section(s) have been shipped and to provide tracking numbers for the shipment.