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Parkinson’s Foundation Mourns the Loss of Tom Isaacs

Thursday, Jun 8, 2017

The Parkinson’s Foundation mourns the loss of Tom Isaacs, a dear friend and renowned global advocate for the Parkinson’s community. Tom passed away on May 31 at the age of 49.

Tom was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s more than 20 years ago. He quickly became active in the fight against Parkinson’s in his native UK and as part of the global community.

isaacs_tom.jpegIn 2005, Tom founded Cure Parkinson’s Trust, a nonprofit in the UK whose research projects include the Linked Clinical Trials Initiative, an effort that built collaborations with organizations such as the Parkinson’s Foundation.  An early advocate for patient engagement, Tom also founded Parkinson’s Movement.

Tom was active on the global stage through the World Parkinson Congresses and was a sought-after motivational speaker.

As news broke of his passing last week, the Parkinson’s Foundation was preparing for its 60th anniversary World Without Parkinson’s scientific event in New York City. The event leadership, deeply affected by Tom’s passing, dedicated the day’s events to his memory and closed with a clip of Tom’s performance from the World Parkinson Congress 2016. See video below.

From left to right: James Beck, Tom Isaacs, and Steven DeWitte at Cure Parkinson's Trust Linked Clinical Trials meeting in 2013.

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Thursday, Jun 8, 2017