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Paul Rohrlich, Ph.D.


Paul Rohrlich, Ph.D.
Falls Church, VA

"Because I face the same personal and professional challenges as millions of other people living with Parkinson’s disease, I can work with PDF to advocate for the issues that matter most to our community."

Dr. Rohrlich is a retired foreign service officer with more than 25 years of experience in public policy. He worked with the US Department of State as an economic, environment and science officer, with his postings bringing him to Japan, Congo, Madagascar, Haiti, France and Israel.

Dr. Rohrlich was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease in 2001 during his service abroad. Since then, he says he has been determined to demonstrate by example that people with Parkinson’s can contribute in professional settings. He has also utilized his professional expertise in public policy to advocate for Parkinson’s research. He has participated in several Parkinson’s research studies around the country, including at the National Institutes of Health. He also volunteers with local Parkinson’s events and exercise groups.

Dr. Rohrlich received his doctorate in international political economy, a master of philosophy and a master of arts in international relations from Columbia University. He received his bachelor of arts in international relations and cultural anthropology from Cornell University.

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