Leslie Peters

Leslie Peters

Leslie Peters
Colorado Springs, CO

"Our family has been touched by Parkinson’s twice, so I know that the diagnosis can be scary for the entire family. I am excited to work with the Parkinson's Foundation to inform the community of the wonderful educational resources available to help them cope."

Ms. Peters has worked as a health care coordinator for the past 15 years. She currently works with South Denver Cardiology.

Ms. Peters is care partner to her husband who lives with young onset Parkinson’s, and previously cared for her late mother-in-law who also lived with the disease. She is passionate about raising awareness of the educational resources available to help people with Parkinson’s and their loved ones and, in particular about addressing the needs of those living with young onset Parkinson’s. She is involved with several local young onset Parkinson’s support groups.

Ms. Peters also recently joined the Chronic Care Collaborative, an alliance of organizations in Colorado dedicated to improving health care for chronic diseases and has advocated for federal funding for Parkinson’s research at the national level.

Ms. Peters studied early childhood education at Penn State University.

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