Girija Muralidhar, Ph.D.

Girija Muralidhar, Ph.D.

Girija Muralidhar, Ph.D.
Poway, CA

“Parkinson’s disease forced me to give up my first career in science. But I found a second one — working with the Parkinson’s Foundation to ensure that people with Parkinson’s disease are informed about scientific research and involved in clinical studies.”

Dr. Muralidhar is a retired research scientist who worked in the field of immunology to understand and develop new vaccines and medications for infectious diseases and, later in her career, for Parkinson’s disease.

After being diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s and participating in several clinical trials, she was inspired to join the Parkinson’s Foundation Parkinson’s Advocates in Research program. As a Research Advocate, she works on the front lines with researchers at the University of California, San Diego to help bring about better treatments for PD. She is also involved in the cause as a leader for a local PD support group.

Due to her training as a Parkinson’s Foundation Research Advocate, her national involvement also includes work with the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). She is one of the founding members of the Parkinson’s Creative Collective and co-author of the Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease, an anthology of personal experiences. She has shared her knowledge with the international PD community participating in the last two World Parkinson Congresses, in Montreal, Canada and Glasgow, Scotland.

Dr. Muralidhar received her doctorate in biochemistry from Ohio State University and performed postdoctoral training in immunology at Stanford University and the University of California, San Diego.

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