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Rebecca Miller, Ph.D.


Rebecca Miller, Ph.D.
New Haven, CT

"As a single mother living with young onset Parkinson’s, I am very interested in working with PDF to address issues related to working, living alone and raising children while living with the disease."

Dr. Miller is a clinical psychologist, Director of Peer Support and Family Initiatives at Connecticut Mental Health Center and Assistant Professor at Yale School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. In her work, she develops programs for families impacted by mental illness. Her research interests include the improvement of community mental health services and peer-to-peer support among those living with mental illness.

Dr. Miller was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s in 2013 at age 39. She is active in the community as a program committee member for the 4th World Parkinson Congress. Since much of Dr. Miller’s professional experience has centered on person-centered approaches to care, she is particularly interested in advancing PDF’s focus on engagement of people with Parkinson’s disease as a means to advance research.

Dr. Miller received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Long Island University, Brooklyn and her bachelor of arts in psychology from Barnard College.

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