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Steve DeWitte

Steve DeWitte, People with Parkinson's Advisory Council

Steve DeWitte

Washington, CT

Mr. DeWitte is a full-time Parkinson’s advocate and, last totaled, had attended more than 28 Parkinson’s educational programs. He has professional experience in media relations, fundraising, event planning and marketing.

He was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in March of 2005 at the age of 48. He immediately began his search for the cure and has used his previous professional experiences to benefit various charities in the areas of volunteer recruitment, marketing, event management, fundraising and strategic planning.

In October 2006, Mr. DeWitte established theYoung Onset Support Group of Connecticut and continues to serve as its co-facilitator. This group currently has a membership of more than 120 people from four different countries and six different states. He is a research advocate with PDF’s Parkinson’s Advocates in Research (PAIR) program, having graduated from PDF’s inaugural Clinical Research Learning Institute in 2008. Mr. DeWitte has participated in more than seven clinical trials and makes presentations on a number of key issues to people with Parkinson’s, most prominently on the subject of “The Role of the Parkinson Patient,” emphasizing participation in clinical trials and the value of support groups.

He serves as a Connecticut Congressional Coordinator for the Parkinson Action Network (PAN). He has co-created or hosted programs for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and the American Parkinson Disease Association. Mr. DeWitte attended both World Parkinson Congresses, which were held respectively in Washington, DC in 2006 and in Glasgow, Scotland in 2010. He was awarded an appointment as an ambassador for the Third World Parkinson Congress, to be held in Montreal, Canada in 2013.

Mr. DeWitte also works with the special needs community and helps with fundraising for the Simply Smiles organization, which aims to improve the lives of impoverished children.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Cornell University in 1978.

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