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Diane Cook

Diane Cook, People with Parkinson's Advisory Council

Diane Cook
Denver, CO

“The voice of the patient is critical to developing programs and services for the Parkinson’s community. Working with PDF's Advisory Council, I want to use my voice to better inform neurologists and put the right tools in the hands of the patients who need them.”

Ms. Cook is a part-time management consultant for Cook & Company who focuses on leadership development, team-building, assessment and training. She previously served on the management team of the Chopra Center for Well Being and managed Deepak’s international seminar business.

Ms. Cook was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008 and has been active in the fight against Parkinson’s ever since. She was one of the first individuals to become part of PDF’s Parkinson’s Advocates in Research program.  In her role as a PDF Research Advocate, she works to speed new treatments for Parkinson’s, in part by educating others about opportunities to participate in research. She has participated in eight trials herself.  She also paired up with her own neurologist to develop a research study assessing the impact on disease outcomes of a self-efficacy learning program she designed for people recently diagnosed PD.

In part due to her work as a PDF Research Advocate, she was appointed as a Board Member for the Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI). The CNI went onto award Diane with its 2011 Movement Disorders Hope Award.

In 2010, Ms. Cook established a support group for individuals recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which grew to maximum capacity so quickly (75 members) that she launched a second group to accommodate all interested members. She also serves as Colorado State Director for the Parkinson’s Action Network (PAN).

Ms. Cook attended and presented at the Third World Parkinson Congress in 2013 in Montreal, Canada. A WPC veteran, she also presented at the 2nd World Parkinson Congress in Scotland, in 2010.

Ms. Cook has often written about and spoken to local and regional groups about clinical trials. She actively tweets about the topic @NewPWP.

Ms. Cook is a graduate of Smith College.

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