Elaine Casavant, R.N.

Elaine Casavant, R.N.

Elaine Casavant, R.N.
Lansing, MI

“It is my goal, working with PDF’s Advisory Council, to be the voice of care partners whose lives have been changed; who feel overwhelmed and frightened; who, while they may find it difficult asking for help, deserve our attention and support."

Ms. Casavant, R.N., is a nurse educator and former practicing nurse with over 40 years of experience in trauma, the emergency room, the intensive care unit and the operating room.

Ms. Casavant has been active in the Parkinson’s community since her husband’s diagnosis, in both her former state of South Carolina and current home of Michigan. In her work with PDF, Ms. Casavant advises the organization on the unmet needs of care partners in the Parkinson's community, including our educational programs each November for National Family Caregivers Month. She runs several online support groups, including one designed to help care partners whose loved ones live with advanced PD. She has also led several in-person PD support groups and has been active at the national level advocating for funding for Parkinson's disease research.

Ms. Casavant is active in other philanthropic community organizations, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The Compassionate Friends Foundation.

She studied nursing at Labouré College and North Shore Community College.

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