Pies for Parkinson's

Last August, when Justin Conner was asked to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, he completed the challenge for ALS, and then added on #piesforparkinsons in honor of his dad who lives with Parkinson’s disease.

After Justin posted his video on PDF’s Facebook page hundreds of you participated — donating to PDF and taking pies to the face. The challenge brought together families and friends, and even entire businesses, social and church groups, who shared stories of loved ones fighting PD.

We want you to know that every single pie made a difference. In fact, together your pies raised $35,000 for Parkinson’s disease.

Because of #piesforParkinsons, PDF was able to put additional funds toward our Conference Awards, which address unmet needs in PD. In addition to our previously-funded conferences, we are supporting a third asking the question: how can we improve palliative care in PD? We’ll bring in leaders from around the world to answer it.

Why? Because until a cure is found — as you told us in your videos — we must help those facing Parkinson’s disease today. 

At PDF, we are inspired. Look at what we did together in just one month in August 2014. Think of what we can do today, this month and this year. Every pie makes a difference. So do the people behind them. Thank you for your support.

Do you want to participate? Here's how to get involved:

  1. Donate $100 to PDF here or record a video getting a 'pie in the face' and donate $10 (or however much you want!)
  2. In your video, challenge friends to do the same.
  3. Post your video on social media using the tag #piesforParkinsons.
  4. Post our video on PDF's Facebook page, or mention us on Twitter (@PDFParkinson) or YouTube.