Patient Leaders

As part of our strategy to end Parkinson's, PDF mobilizes leaders in the patient community to help us more quickly solve, treat and end the disease. Over the past decade, PDF has advocated relentlessly to make patient engagement a reality. For us, this means engaging people with PD as partners in every part of our work.

Why Patient Leaders?

As those with the most at stake, people with Parkinson’s can help the rest of us get our priorities straight. We have seen this prove true in other health communities, when engaged patient advocates have helped to accelerate new treatments.

While we have seen progress toward patient engagement in Parkinson’s, there is much more to be done to ensure that people with PD are recognized and tapped for their insights and potential to help speed research.

What We’re Doing

  • PDF is investing $500,000 a year to mobilize the grassroots community.
  • PDF continues to build the groundbreaking Parkinson’s Advocates in Research program, which has trained 280 Research Advocates who are forging partnerships with 500 professionals and institutions have helped to enroll 1,200 people in clinical trials seeking better treatments and a cure
  • PDF is taking the program further by proactively seeking and guiding advocate-researcher collaborations in academia, government and industry.
  • PDF is training and mobilizing additional patient leaders to reach new communities and address unmet needs through newly-launched programs such as the Women and PD Initiative and PD SELF Leader Training.