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Do you want to know more about Parkinson's? PDF's materials provide information about symptoms, medications, resources & more.

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Parkinson's News

What do the latest science headlines mean for you?  See PDF's science news below - be sure to check the "What Does it Mean?" portion of each story to get the take from our team.  Browse community and PDF news for current activities in the Parkinson's community or information about our upcoming online seminars and more. 

Science News

Aug 06 2014
New Drug Extends Levodopaís Benefits in Moderate and Advanced Parkinsonís Disease

Jul 22 2014
Dopaminergic Therapy Spurs Creativity in People with Parkinson's Disease

Jul 07 2014
Rasagiline Slightly Boosts Motor Benefits of Dopamine Agonists in Early PD

Community News

Aug 22 2014
PAN Alert: Ted Thompson Selected as Parkinson's Action Network CEO

Aug 06 2014
PAN Alert: August Recess Materials Updated

Jul 29 2014
PAN Alert: International Disability Treaty

PDF in the News

Aug 26 2014
Here's Mud (er, Pie) In Your Eye, Sweet End To Speedy PD Race

Aug 26 2014
Letter to the Editor: Resources for Living Well with Parkinsonís Disease

Aug 26 2014
Depressionís Link to Other Illnesses Explored

PDF Press Releases

Aug 21 2014
From the Blog: Robin Williams, PD and Depression

Aug 20 2014
Understanding Suicide and Parkinsonís Disease: PDF Response to Questions Regarding Suicide Risk and Medications for Parkinson's

Aug 15 2014
From the Blog: Creativity and the Parkinsonís Mind