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ParkinsonLink: Meet the Advocates Changing Research

Just four years ago, PDF and 25 people with Parkinson's disease launched the Parkinson's Advocates in Research (PAIR) program. Now, there are 200 advocates working with the research community to speed new treatments. In this special issue of ParkinsonLink, learn about this program and how you can pair up for PD research.

Latest Training in Chicago Brings New Research Advocates, New Priorities

Last month's Parkinson's Advocates in Research training brings PDF's advocacy network to a total of 200 people with Parkinson's and care partners! The new Research Advocates will join their peers in addressing issues that can slow down research and delay new treatments. This includes a new priority area for PAIR: inequalities in research studies.
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Meet the Veteran PDF Research Advocates

Are you wondering how Research Advocates work to speed new treatments? From Israel and Cliff's work on patient-centered research, and Steve's passion for providing transportation to Bernie's dedication to community education, these real-life stories provide a glimpse into the work of the PAIR program.
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How You Can PAIR Up

Will you join the movement? There are several ways to do so:

  • PAIR Up with a Research Advocate: Are you looking for someone to speak to your support groups about research, including local studies? If you're a researcher, do you need help reviewing clinical study protocols or developing clinical trial recruitment plans? Email us at to find a Research Advocate nearby who has the expertise to assist you.
  • Take PDF's free PAIR Online Course: Would you like to work with our Research Advocates? PDF's course will prepare you to understand the science of Parkinson's and the process that brings new treatments to market. When you complete the course, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with Research Advocates in your community on ongoing projects.

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