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Parkinson's Advocates in Research

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ParkinsonTulip: Working Together to End Parkinson's Disease

Everyday at PDF, we see people making a difference in the fight against Parkinson’s. You too can make a difference. How?


The People Who are Speeding Parkinson’s Research

Since our founding in 1957, the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) has been about people. William Black created PDF because he wanted to help his friend who had Parkinson’s. In the past 54 years, PDF has funded over $90 million in the search for better treatments and a cure and over $37 million for education and advocacy programs.

At the heart of this work is the participation and support of people who are touched by Parkinson’s.

Some of the key people involved in this fight are the 130 individuals who are working with our Parkinson’s Advocates in Research (PAIR) program.

These inspirational PDF Research Advocates – including Cassie from Randolph, VT – are working around the country to influence Parkinson’s research and speed the development of new and effective treatments. They are educating their local communities about clinical trials and advising hospitals and universities about Parkinson’s research priorities.

We believe that their presence working alongside research professionals will lead to new and effective treatments. But their work to speed Parkinson’s research would not be possible without you.

I hope you will help us to continue to fund the people whose work will improve the lives and futures of people with Parkinson’s and, ultimately, bring an end to this disease.

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PDF's work in Parkinson's research, education and advocacy is made possible by your contributions. Make a donation today to support our mission. Thank you for your generosity.
If you have or believe you have Parkinson’s disease, then promptly consult a physician and follow your physician’s advice. This email is not a substitute for a physician’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or for a physician’s prescription of drugs, treatment or operations for Parkinson’s.