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PDF is committed to using your funds efficiently to support our mission. To see how funds are spent, browse our financial information.

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2012 Past E-Newsletters

December 31: Make a Donation, Make a Difference

December 20: Video: A Soldier on the Frontlines of Research

December 13: Genes May Hold the Answers

December 6: Video: Shall We Dance?

December 1: For People with Parkinson's, It's Personal

November 27: ParkinsonLink: An Early Start for Parkinson's Awareness Month 2013

November 22: ParkinsonLink: Thank You for Making a Difference in 2012

November 14: You're Invited to a PD ExpertBriefing:Coping Skills for Parkinson's Care Partners

November 12: ParkinsonLink: Meet the Advocates Changing Research

November 8: ParkinsonLink: Honoring the Care Partners Who Make a Difference

October 18: PDF Receives Highest Charity Rating for Fifth Year

October 12: Parkinson's Research Now: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

September 28: ParkinsonLink: Hospital Stays, Driving and Parkinson's Disease

September 13: ParkinsonLink: Vote for PDF in the Chase Community Giving Challenge

September 6: You're Invited to a PD ExpertBriefing: What's New in Genetics and Parkinson's?

August 9: ParkinsonLink: And the Winner Is ...

August 2: ParkinsonLink: Choose the Next Calendar Cover

July 18: You're Invited: Advance Parkinson's Research

July 11: ParkinsonLink: People Making a Difference

June 27: Parkinson's Research Now: PDF Announces $5.3 Million in Research Grants

June 20: You're Invited to a PD ExpertBriefing: Understanding the Progression of Parkinson's

May 31: You're Invited: June Parkinson's Online Education

May 24: ParkinsonLink: Help Us Choose the Next PD ExpertBriefings Topics

May 17: Parkinson's Research Now: Tests, Treatments and More

May 3: Tell Us What the World Needs to Know About Parkinson’s

April 30: Brilliant Challenge Inspires Light of Day Foundation

April 25: One More Week to Make a Difference!

April 18: There is Still Time to Make a Difference

April 11: Parkinson’s Awareness Month Update

April 2: Make a Difference During Parkinson’s Awareness Month

March 30: YOU Can Help Double Parkinson’s Research Funding

March 15: Parkinson’s Research Now: Taking Charge of Parkinson’s

March 7: You’re Invited: Celebrate Spring on Wednesday, April 4

March 1: ParkinsonLink: Make a Difference During Parkinson’s Awareness Month

February 23: You're Invited: Join an Online Seminar on Anxiety and Depression

February 9: Parkinson’s Research Now: What Can Alzheimer’s Tell Us About Parkinson’s?

February 3: ParkinsonLink: Choose the 2012 Awareness Month T-Shirt

February 1: ParkinsonLink: Special Issue on Genetics and Parkinson's

January 25: ParkinsonLink: Help to Ensure the Best Care for People with Parkinson's

January 18: You're Invited: Join an Online Seminar on Driving and Parkinson’s

January 14: ParkinsonLink: Get Involved with PDF in the New Year

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