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Is the Next PD Drug Already Here?

A few months ago, PDF shared news about medications designed for diabetes and cancer that are being studied for Parkinson's. Are scientists making progress in repurposing these non-PD drugs? In the fall issue of PDF News & Review, we examine this question.

Repurposing Drugs: A Shot in the Dark or a Path to the Cure?

In the past, repurposing drugs was simply a matter of serendipity. A doctor would notice that a drug intended to treat one health condition seemed to help another one. But now, scientists are using it as a deliberate tactic.

Why? Because repurposing drugs offers major advantages over creating new drugs.

In this issue's lead article, PDF's Vice President of Scientific Affairs, James Beck, Ph.D., explains repurposing and how it might benefit the Parkinson's community.

Read Dr. Beck's Article
See a Real Example of Repurposing


Speaking of Research, What's Your Priority for Scientists?

If scientists could study one question about Parkinson's what would it be? Tell us next week as part of the PDF Community Choice Research Award.

Starting Monday, September 30, we're taking votes (online and at our booth #1411 at the World Parkinson Congress) from people with Parkinson's and loved ones.
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