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ParkinsonLink: Why Are My Symptoms Different Than Yours?

Are your Parkinson’s symptoms different than those of a friend? In the spring issue of PDF News & Review, we review common symptoms and ways to take charge of your PD, whether through your health care, a service dog or involvement in advocacy.

Understanding the Progression of Parkinson’s Disease

In this issue’s cover article, Ronald F. Pfeiffer, M.D., reminds us that no matter how the disease progresses, “it is important to focus on … how people can take an active role in managing their Parkinson’s disease.” 

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Carolyn’s Journey with Selma: How a Service Dog Can Ease Life with PD

Whenever we see PDF Research Advocate Carolyn Weaver, of Freeland, MI, we see her service dog Selma by her side. Could a service dog help your life with Parkinson’s? In this interview, Carolyn shares her insights on life with Selma.

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Photo of the Week: The Choice is Yours

Gary and Fred at PDF Grant Review

Last Thursday, PDF Research Advocates Fred Woodlief, D.D.S., and Gary Chard (pictured above) along with Veronica Maldonado (not pictured) worked with 22 scientists to help choose PDF-funded research grants. Both Fred and Gary, who live with PD, were representing the community’s interests. So we asked the community: what are your priorities? Add your two cents on Facebook or read an interview from this issue of News & Review in which their colleagues Bob and Marilyn, speak about their experience reviewing PDF research grants a few months back. 

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