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ParkinsonLink: Special Issue on Genetics and Parkinson's

Will my child inherit Parkinson’s? Why is the study of genetics and Parkinson’s important? Find answers in these articles written by and about the experts in Parkinson’s genetics – part of a special issue of PDF News & Review.


Genetics: A Foundation for Future Parkinson's Treatments

“Each new gene and the story the genes tell together are providing the most remarkable, most fundamental, molecular insights into what is happening in Parkinson’s disease,” says Matthew Farrer, Ph.D. What do these genetic discoveries mean for you, your family and future Parkinson’s therapies?
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Spotlight on PDF Research: Bringing Genetics to the Clinic

The research of PDF-funded investigator Christine Klein, M.D., into a gene called Parkin, has helped to translate the genetic discoveries in the lab to benefit people with Parkinson’s disease in the clinic.
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PDF and Genetics

What are we doing in this interesting area of study? Among our various initiatives is the recently launched Lucien Côté Early Investigator Award in Clinical Genetics.
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