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Percent of dollars spent on our mission

PDF is committed to using your funds efficiently to support our mission. To see how funds are spent, browse our financial information.

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Parkinsonís Awareness Update: Join a PD ExpertBriefing on Tuesday, April 12!

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month! Get involved today, whether it’s by joining our PD ExpertBriefing next Tuesday, helping to shatter the myths by creating a one-minute awareness video, or helping us reach Mr. Brilliant’s $100,000 fundraising goal.   

Join “The Parkinson's Pipeline: Treating Your Parkinson's” on Tuesday, April 12 at 1 PM ET

Each person experiences Parkinson’s differently.  So why should we treat each person the same exact way? Find out more by joining us online or by phone for this one-hour online seminar led by Michael Schlossmacher, M.D., of the University of Ottawa in Canada.
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Community Members Begin to Shatter the Myths of Parkinson’s

Can the public better understand Parkinson's? Many of you said yes and have already participated in the PDF Shatter the Myths of Parkinson’s campaign. Check out this week’s featured photo and video and find out how to submit your own.
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Support the Brilliant Challenge

After just eight days, you have helped PDF to raise more than $7,500 towards Mr. Brilliant’s $100,000 fundraising challenge. If you haven’t given yet, know that each dollar you donate by Saturday, April 30, will be matched for up to a total of $100,000 to support research.
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Parkinson’s Awareness Month Toolkit

More tips and tools and news about Parkinson’s Awareness Month are available through our website. Browse online or download a print copy of the toolkit so you can be ready to make an impact this April.
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Upcoming Parkinson's Community Events

Thursday, April 7 
Parkinson's Disease: How Stem Cell Research Will Make a Difference (New York, NY)

Friday, April 8
Indiana Pacers Parkinson’s Awareness Night (Indianapolis, IN)

Monday, April 11 – Monday, April 18
Parkinson’s Quilt Display (Ellington, CT)

Saturday, April 16
Parkinson’s Unity Walk (New York, NY)


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PDF's work in Parkinson's research, education and advocacy is made possible by your contributions. Make a donation today to support our mission. Thank you for your generosity.
If you have or believe you have Parkinson’s disease, then promptly consult a physician and follow your physician’s advice. This email is not a substitute for a physician’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or for a physician’s prescription of drugs, treatment or operations for Parkinson’s.