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Parkinson's Awareness Month Update: Anonymous Donor Supports Brilliant Challenge

We are excited to report that an anonymous donor has donated $35,000 to the Irving G. Brilliant, bringing us closer to our goal of raising $100,000 for Parkinson’s research – to be matched dollar for dollar by Mr. Brilliant.   Support the challenge today to have your gift doubled. To those who have already supported the challenge, thank you for making this happen! Be sure to check out this story as well as this week’s featured awareness video and photo below.

Video and Photo of the Week: Shattering the Myths of Parkinson’s

Check out this week’s featured video by Annie K. and featured photo by Corinne B., who are working to Shatter the Myths of Parkinson’s.
See Featured Video and Photo 

T-Shirt Contest Winners Announced!

The votes are in!   More than 3,000 of you voted in the annual Parkinson’s Awareness Month T-Shirt Design Contest. PDF is proud to announce the winning designs. Yes, you read that correctly, there were so many votes we have TWO t-shirts!

The winners are:  “The Art of Finding a Cure” by Stephanie Longo, from New Jersey, also known as design #1 and "Parkinson’s Disease: It May Shake Me But It Can’t Break Me,” created by Marian Bumala, of California, also known as design #3. Congratulations to the designers. Their t-shirts are now available to order.

Order a T-Shirt

James Parkinson’s Legacy

During Parkinson's Awareness Month, we recognize the birthday of James Parkinson on April 11.  James Parkinson was the man who first described the disease in 1817. Learn about his legacy in this latest blog post by PDF Executive Director, Robin Elliott.
Learn More

Upcoming Parkinson's Community Events

Thursday, April 14
Parkinson’s Quilt Display (Chicago, IL)

Saturday, April 16
Parkinson’s Unity Walk (New York, NY)

Monday, April 19
Dance Classes for PD (New York, NY)

Saturday, April 30
Clinical Research: The Role of People with Parkinson's (Durham, NC)

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