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Parkinson's Awareness Month Update: Share Your Parkinsonís Awareness Story

Thank you for participating in Parkinson’s Awareness Month!  With your hard work, the community took notice of Parkinson’s this month.  Be sure to take our survey and share your photos to let us know how YOU participated and how PDF can better support your activities in 2012.

Share Your Story

During the month of April, you and others in the Parkinson’s community were incredibly active in spreading the word about Parkinson’s, what it means to you and why we need support from our communities - whether by visiting the Parkinson’s Quilt, writing a letter to the editor, or hanging up a poster in your community.

What is your Awareness Month story?  Did you have success or did you meet challenges that you can share with PDF?

  • In order to assess our impact as a community – and better plan to support you next year – we ask you to fill out a short 15-question survey about your activities this year. In appreciation, the first 100 respondents will receive a t-shirt from PDF.*
  • Also, to share your story with others, you can upload your photos to PDF’s group pool on Flickr.  Be sure to include the tag PAM2011 and include a short description with your photo.  You will need to create a Flickr account to do so.

Once again, we recommit ourselves to working every month of the year to not only raise awareness of Parkinson’s, but to fund the best research to understand, treat and one day… cure it.  In the words of our friend Pam Quinn, featured in this year’s toolkit:

“Awareness of Parkinson’s leads to compassion, compassion leads to giving, giving leads to research, and research will lead to a cure.”

Complete the Awareness 11 Survey
Share Your Photos


Robin Elliott
Executive Director


*Contact information must be provided during the survey. Choice of size is not available.

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If you have or believe you have Parkinson’s disease, then promptly consult a physician and follow your physician’s advice. This email is not a substitute for a physician’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or for a physician’s prescription of drugs, treatment or operations for Parkinson’s.