Partner with Patient Advocates

Are you a researcher working in the field of Parkinson’s studies? Including patient perspective in your research can provide insights that can help to ensure a timely and efficient research process.

PDF Research Advocates, people with Parkinson’s and care partners, have been trained by PDF to collaborate with research teams and provide their input. By including patient advocates in study design, you can help to ensure better compliance of study participants. By knowing the priorities of the patient community, you can design studies that address issues that matter most to people with Parkinson’s. By collaborating with patient advocates on study recruitment, you can fill your studies faster.

How Can PDF Help?

PDF has been training and supporting people with Parkinson’s and care partners in their roles as PDF Research Advocates for over six years. We are available to work with you in developing your patient engagement strategy. We can also help you identify and partner with advocates throughout all stages of research and drug development. For example, PDF has:

About Our Patient Advocates

PDF Research Advocates are people with Parkinson’s or care partners who work as volunteers to advance drug development, increase study recruitment and inform the their peers about research. This group of more than 200 individuals worked with more than 400 research professionals across the country. Among their roles, they serve on FDA committees, volunteer for local IRBs and educate their local communities about research opportunities.

All PDF Research Advocates have undergone intensive three-day training through the Parkinson’s Advocates in Research (PAIR) Learning Institute to understand the basics of PD science and the drug development process. In addition, they receive ongoing education and continual one-on-one support from PDF staff to ensure that they are well-prepared for their role of collaborating with research professionals and the community at-large.

Learn More & PAIR Up with an Advocate

If you are interested in working with a PDF Research Advocate, please contact Karlin Schroeder, Associate Director, National Programs, at or (800) 457-6676. We can discuss projects you have in mind, as well as suggest ways to collaborate with Research Advocates to improve your studies and speed the research process.