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The Parkinsonís Pipeline 2011: Treating Your Parkinsonís

Originally Presented on April 12, 2011
Led by Michael Schlossmacher, M.D.

Each person experiences Parkinson’s differently.  So why should we treat each person the same exact way? Find out more by viewing this one-hour online seminar led by Michael Schlossmacher, M.D., of the University of Ottawa in Canada. In this seminar, Dr. Schlossmacher discusses new ways of looking at the pipeline of experimental treatments for Parkinson’s, in particular the potential role of personalized treatments.

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Goals for Participants:

  • Become familiar with biomarkers for Parkinson’s: what they are; how they will help scientists to diagnose and track a person’s disease; and how they will help us to develop personalized treatments.
  • Understand how studying (and treating) “sub-groups” of people living with Parkinson’s is important for clinical trials to succeed.
  • Learn about the strong link between Parkinson’s disease and the Gaucher disease gene and what it means for drug trials. People living with typical Parkinson’s have a 10-12 percent chance of carrying a mutation in this gene.



Michael Schlossmacher, faculty for a Parkinson's Disease Foundation PD ExpertBriefing

Michael Schlossmacher, M.D.

Dr. Schlossmacher  is Associate Professor of Medicine (Neurology) in both the Departments of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He is also a practicing scientist within the neuroscience department at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and an attending neurologist in the Division of Neurology at The Ottawa Hospital. Dr. Schlossmacher also serves as Canada Research Chair in Parkinson Disease (tier II).


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