How you Raised Awareness: Survey Results

Each year, PDF is inspired by how the Parkinson’s community helps to raise awareness. Here is some of what we learned from our surveys about your activities:


How did you participate in Parkinson's Awareness Month?

2011 Parkinson's Awareness Month Survey Results

My activities helped raise awareness in my community:

2011 Parkinson's Awareness Month Survey Results

Here's what some of our awareness raisers did:

  • "I talked with several nurses that I work with in a local hospital about the symptoms of my PD and what I have been through in the last ten years."
  • "I changed my Facebook profile picture and posted Awareness Month information on my wall. A lot of my friends learned more about PD because I spread the word."
  • "Gave information handouts to doctor's offices and to members of my ladies' club."
  • "Asked friends to sign the Global PD Pledge."
  • "Set up an information table at my church."
  • "Supported in the Parkinson's Unity Walk in Central Park, NY."
  • "Many people in my community read my letter to the editor and commended me for writing it."
  • "I live in a retirement village. I rented one quilt for eight  days. I was supported 100 percent by management and residents."
  • "Spoke to a class of pharmacy students as a guest speaker, about what it is like to have Parkinson's disease."
  • "Spoke with a group of high school kids interested in medical careers about my experiences as a person with Parkinson’s and my deep brain stimulation surgery."
  • "We raised $2,291 for Rock Steady at Parkinson’s awareness night with the Pacers."
  • "Donated to PDF's Brilliant Challenge, helping to raise $200,000."
  • "I wore my Parkinson’s t-shirt whenever friends or relatives came over in April."