Raise Awareness

Together, we can end Parkinson's. But we need you on our team. Take action during April, Parkinson's Awareness Month, and all year long.


Awareness News

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How can you ensure the community has access to the latest information on Parkinson’s? Find tips for linking with your local library, making Parkinson’s a part of health fairs and events, partnering with professionals and sharing your creativity.


How can you share awareness? Browse for tips on putting PD in the papers, painting the town with tulips (and posters and t-shirts), involving public officials and raising awareness online.


How can you donate or fundraise in your community? Find tips on getting back to basics, using your creativity, challenging your campus, or using your sport or business to benefit the cause.

Awareness Tools

We invite the community to take advantage of our tools, including a free online and print toolkit, a free social media badge, free posters available in English and Spanish, free tree ribbons, as well as awareness tools for purchase, including the official Parkinson's Awareness T-Shirt designed by 13-year-old Lea Dempsey of Princeton, NJ, in honor of her grandfather who lived with Parkinson's disease. Browse and download all tools here and order here.