Background & Goals

Parkinson’s affects nearly one million people in the United States. Although promising research is being conducted, there is neither a cure for Parkinson’s, nor are there medications that can reverse its course. This is due in part to delays in clinical trials testing new medications, which can take several years to complete.

How can we more quickly solve, treat and end Parkinson's disease? PDF believes the answer lies in ensuring that people with Parkinson’s are primary partners in research alongside scientists, government and the pharmaceutical industry.

Why? Because only people with Parkinson's and care partners know what it’s like to live with Parkinson’s disease. It’s important that researchers hear what they have to say. For example, PDF Research Advocates can raise issues that are all too often overlooked, and help to identify and solve barriers to Parkinson’s research. Most importantly, the presence of Research Advocates reminds scientists of the urgency to find new treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s as soon as possible.