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Press Releases

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Nov 28 2016
From the Blog: A PD Partnership Profile: Alan and Cherry Zimmerman

Nov 24 2016
From the Blog: Thank You for Being on the Team to #EndParkinsons

Nov 22 2016
From the Blog: From Dan: Help us Work #Together4PD

Nov 21 2016
Apply to the Parkinsonís Foundation People with Parkinson's Advisory Council by Monday, December 19

Nov 14 2016
From the Blog: Care Partners: Make Your Vote Count

Nov 14 2016
Fourteenth Annual Music for Parkinsonís Concert in Rye, NY, Raises More Than $30,000 for Research

Nov 11 2016
From the Blog: Honoring Veterans Helping to #EndParkinsons

Nov 11 2016
PDF CEO Robin Elliott Honored by Houston Area Parkinson Society

Nov 10 2016
PDF Thanks Light of Day Foundation for $150,000 Gift to Help End Parkinsonís

Nov 07 2016
The Parkinsonís Foundation Celebrates the Life of Janet Reno

Nov 01 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Offers Programs to Address Unmet Care Partner Needs During National Family Caregivers Month

Oct 31 2016
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Opens $2.7 Million in Research Funding to Solve, Treat and End Parkinsonís

Oct 31 2016
Resources on Employment with PD: PDF Response to News Surrounding US Senator Johnny Isaksonís Run for Office while Living with Parkinsonís

Oct 24 2016
PDF Champion to Host 14th Annual Music for Parkinsonís Research Concert on Sunday, November 13 in Rye, NY

Oct 20 2016
From the Blog: The More Genes, the Better: How Diversity is Advancing Genetics Research

Oct 19 2016
PDF Recognizes Scholars of Edmond J. Safra Visiting Nurse Faculty Program for Outstanding Efforts in Nursing Education

Oct 06 2016
From the Blog: The Nobel Prize and PD Research: What It Means

Sep 30 2016
From the Blog: PDF Team Posters at the 4th World Parkinson Congress

Sep 19 2016
The Parkinsonís Foundation Joins Global Community at 4th World Parkinson Congress in Portland, OR

Sep 13 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Addresses Unmet Needs in Parkinson's Education with Newest Online Seminars

Aug 16 2016
From the Blog: Parkinsonís Through the Looking Glass: Q&A with Artist Richard Herdegen

Aug 04 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Invests in Next Generation of Physical Therapy Leaders

Aug 01 2016
National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) and the Parkinsonís Disease Foundation (PDF) Complete Merger to Form the Parkinsonís Foundation

Jul 21 2016
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Opens $500,000 in Grant Funding, Urges Scientists to Address Key Unmet Needs in Patient Community

Jul 15 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Invests in Next Generation of Patient Leaders

Jul 01 2016
From the Blog: Parkinsonís Doesnít Discriminate

Jun 21 2016
From the Blog: PD SELF: Can Self-Efficacy Improve Life for the Newly Diagnosed?

Jun 15 2016
PDF Research Advocates Guide $16 Million in Parkinsonís Research Funding

Jun 14 2016
From the Blog: What My Dad Taught Me About Life with Parkinsonís

Jun 13 2016
Resources on Parkinsonís Disease: PDF Response to Questions Surrounding Muhammad Aliís Death

Jun 12 2016
From the Blog: PDF Volunteers Reflect on Aliís Impact on Parkinsonís Cause

Jun 09 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Announces $4 Million in Research Investments to Solve, Treat and End Parkinson's Disease

Jun 07 2016
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Launches Nurse Webinar Series

Jun 04 2016
PDF's Robin Elliott Discusses the Impact of Muhammad Ali on ABC7NY

Jun 04 2016
PDF Mourns the Passing of Muhammad Ali

Jun 02 2016
From the Blog: Managing Constipation in PD: Visiting Nurse Notes with Dr. Jean MacFadyen

May 25 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Launches Physical Therapy Faculty Program

May 24 2016
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Marks Tenth Year of People with Parkinsonís Advisory Council

May 19 2016
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Congratulates PDF Champion David Eger, Honored for Rallying His Community to Help End Parkinsonís

May 12 2016
Bal du Printemps Honors Supporters, Raises $400,000 for Research

May 03 2016
Fourth Annual Celebrate Spring Boston Raises $50,000 for Parkinsonís Disease Foundation

Apr 21 2016
From the Blog: April Awareness x2: Parkinsonís and Occupational Therapy

Apr 11 2016
Celebrate Spring New York Raises Over $80,000 for Parkinson's Research

Apr 01 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Rallies Communities to Join the Team to #EndParkinsons During Awareness Month

Mar 29 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation to Host Annual Bal du Printemps Gala on Wednesday, May 11 in New York

Mar 29 2016
Young Professionals Rally Peers To Help End Parkinsonís Through Fourth Annual Celebrate Spring Boston on Friday, April 29 at The Liberty Hotel

Mar 25 2016
From the Blog: Meet Lea, Age 13, Designer of the 2016 Parkinsonís Awareness T-Shirt

Mar 24 2016
From the Blog: Five Easy Ways to Champion Parkinsonís Awareness Month

Mar 24 2016
Lea Dempsey, Seventh Grader from NJ, Designs Winning Parkinsonís Awareness T-Shirt

Mar 23 2016
From the Blog: Meet the PDF Team at the Parkinsonís Unity Walk in NYC!

Mar 18 2016
From the Blog: National Nutrition Month: Why it Matters to People with PD

Mar 18 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation to Host Celebrate Spring New York on Thursday, April 7

Mar 07 2016
PDF Champions Raise More Than $35,000 for Parkinsonís Research at Martinis & Bellinis Event

Mar 01 2016
From the Blog: Teaming Up to Fund Research: Q&A with Alan Zimmerman

Mar 01 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Launches Online Course for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Feb 24 2016
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Invests in Next Generation of Nursing Leaders

Jan 26 2016
PDF Champions to Host Martinis & Bellinis for Parkinsonís Research at Harvest Bistro & Bar in Closter, NJ, on Thursday, March 3

Jan 26 2016
PDF Mourns the Passing of Joel Gerstel

Jan 25 2016
NPF and PDF Sign Letter of Intent to Merge

Jan 14 2016
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Releases Updated Q&A Booklet, Seventh Edition