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The Team to End PD:
The Multiplier Effect


By empowering leaders who multiply our investment, PDF empowers the community to work together to solve, treat and end Parkinson's. Our investment to date includes:

  • Fellowships for 150 movement disorder specialists who reach an estimated 12,000 patients every year
  • Training for 190 nursing faculty who reach 18,000 nursing students every year
  • Training for 280 Research Advocates who work with 500 professionals and have helped to enroll 1,200 people in clinical trials seeking better treatments and a cure

Health Leaders

As part of our strategy to end Parkinson's, PDF mobilizes leaders in the health care community to help us more quickly solve, treat and end the disease. PDF has a track record of preparing experts to treat PD on the frontlines. For example, we are the largest private funder of training for early-career neurologists to specialize in PD, with more than 150 doctors trained to date.

Why Health Leaders?

When people with Parkinson's disease work with a health care team — movement disorder specialists, nurses, and physical, occupational and speech therapists — their lives improve. But all too often, professionals on the frontlines are left without sufficient resources or training in Parkinson's disease.

For example, nursing students receive less than one hour of instruction on PD during four years of education. Once in the field, many are left to learn about Parkinson's disease themselves, with few opportunities for continuing education.

What We’re Doing

  • PDF is investing $600,000 a year in growing and empowering health care leaders of today and tomorrow.
  • PDF is preparing future nurses and health professionals by reaching those with the greatest impact — their teachers — through initiatives such as our flagship Edmond J. Safra Foundation Visiting Nurse Faculty Program at PDF, which has trained 190 faculty members at nursing schools nationwide. These leaders are, in turn, sharing their knowledge with 18,000 students each year and are influencing national standards for nursing education.
  • PDF, learning from this success, is implementing a similar model for the field of physical therapy. We expect that within three years, we will have trained 40 faculty leaders, who will in turn train over 1,800 students.
  • PDF is supporting professionals on the frontlines, by arming those in the nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy fields with the tools they need to stay informed and support their patients. Our offerings include free continuing education opportunities and patient education materials.