Applying to the Stanley Fahn Junior Faculty Award

The Stanley Fahn Junior Faculty Award is named in honor of Stanley Fahn, M.D., PDF's longtime Scientific Director, who is renowned for his clinical abilities and his commitment towards training the next generation of Parkinson’s scientists.

The award acts as a bridge to ensure that promising early career scientists stay in the field of Parkinson’s research and help us solve, treat and end the disease. The impetus behind the award is to stem the loss of talent from Parkinson’s research. In today’s funding environment, as young scientists navigate the path from mentored to independent research, they face a “valley of death,” between their scientific potential and the funding they need to make it happen.

The award provides junior investigators — in conjunction with their institution’s commitment — with the support necessary to develop their own independent funding source (such as an NIH R01 award) and stay in the field of PD research. The ultimate goal is for the investigator to become an independent research leader with his or her own research space.

PDF seeks clinical, pre clinical, or basic research proposals from promising early career scientists that will directly impact the understanding of Parkinson’s disease or its treatment. Successful projects should include novel research hypotheses of Parkinson's and be inventive in terms of methodology or approach.

Level of Support
Each award will provide $300,000 in total costs. Indirect costs, not exceeding 10 percent of direct costs, may be deducted from the total. Applicant salary support is permitted up to 40 percent of total salary. 

Funds are awarded for three years – subject to review of annual progress. Submission of an NIH R01 or equivalent is a required milestone of this award and upon which third year of funding is contingent.

PDF anticipates granting three awards in 2017.

Junior faculty members possessing a Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent are eligible to apply. Applicants must generally meet the NIH definition of a "new investigator."  PDF anticipates the typical applicant will hold an assistant professor level position with up to several years of experience. Earlier stage faculty and those with more experience will be considered provided that the above eligibility criteria are met.

The award is open to applicants, regardless of citizenship, who reside in the US and are faculty members of US institutions.  

Applicants from PDF Research Centers are eligible to apply. A letter of support from the applicant’s department chair will be required to demonstrate level of institutional commitment to the applicant.

This program is restricted to full time faculty members of US institutions with a current post of Instructor or Assistant Professor. As a career development initiative, the program is not open to current or prior holders of NIH R01 awards or their equivalent. An applicant must be in a tenure-track position, or in the case of an Instructor, have the intent to commence a tenure-track position as evidenced by a letter support from his or her department chair. In principle, only one award will be made per institution in a given year, but special exceptions may be considered.

Application Instructions & Deadlines
The application process is divided into two parts. Applicants will first submit a letter of intent (LOI). Second, based on favorable peer-review, applicants may then be invited to submit a full application also for peer-review. All materials must be submitted online.  See our Grant Deadlines for updated application dates.

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