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Viewers React to PD ExpertBriefing on “Understanding the Progression of PD”

I loved this briefing, as I knew nothing about progression of PD prior to today (I was diagnosed ten years ago!). No doctor would even address the issue of progression with
me, stating only, "each case is different.”
Anonymous, via survey

Even though the information was informative and well presented, I found myself being discouraged by the statistics given.
Anonymous, via survey

Took scary subject and made it comfortable. Demystified PD.
Anonymous, via survey

The questions submitted were great! Maybe even more time could be allotted for questions.
Anonymous, via survey

[Note from the editor: You can view this PD ExpertBriefing at If you would like to join the ongoing conversation about its content, you can do so at PDF often receives a heavy volume of questions during PD ExpertBriefings. We apologize that we cannot answer all of them. PDF’s HelpLine staff is happy to answer any remaining questions at (800) 457-6676 or, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM ET.]

Viewers React to “PAIR” Online Course

Absolutely SUPERB discussion of exceptionally technical and scientific materials in a most highly accessible, informative, educational, and entertaining manner. The epitome of how to deliver scientific material to an audience that does not necessarily have any prior exposure to either the general scientific research paradigm or to the specifics of PD research.
Anonymous, via survey

[Note from the editor: View this four-part course at]

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