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Viewers Comment on June’s “Complementary Therapies” PD ExpertBriefing

Dr. Melanie Brandabur was her usual excellent self.  I have heard her at our Chico, CA, group and at the Sacramento PANC conferences.  She is practical and informative.

This is my first briefing. (My sister has a new diagnosis.)  I was less interested in the particular subject today than in seeing the format and the level of expertise.  I was very impressed, and will attend future briefings (and be better prepared to ask questions), as well as look at archives.  Thank you.

Wonderful program — hope we can get more funding for many of these issues.

Very well done and informative.  It really helps to hear things from the doctor directly.  I will think differently now about this topic and that is a good thing.  Thank you again.

All responses to PD ExpertBriefings are submitted anonymously via survey.

PDF Research Advocates Tackle Scientific Meetings, Reminisce About Training

@PDFparkinson CRLI prepped me to understand everything in Clinical Trials Plenary this morning at #MDSCongress.  I was jazzed! #Parkinson's
June 7
@newPWP Diane Cook, Via Twitter about her experience at a major scientific meeting

Patti Richardson Meese and James M. Patterson from last year’s Clinical Research Learning Institute class are shocked that it has been almost a year.  Almost a year of spreading the word … thanks PDF.
August 14
James M. Patterson, Via Facebook

Diane, Patti and James are PDF research advocates through the Parkinson's Advocates in Research (PAIR) program.  They all underwent training via the Clinical Research Learning Institute.

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