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Caregiver Corner: Resources for Parkinson's Care Partners

Most people agree that a “care partnership” may be the ultimate loving bond of any relationship.  If you are a care partner to a person with Parkinson’s disease (PD) or a person with Parkinson’s who now relies on a loved one (a spouse, partner, child or friend) for support, then you are probably aware that a care partnership can also be quite challenging.

Caregiving can affect your physical and mental health and that of your partner.  Additionally, the new responsibilities put upon a care partner — such as managing finances or seeking home healthcare — can be daunting.

Fortunately, there are resources designed specifically for caregivers to help them care better for themselves and for their loved ones.  Here we present a few of these from our new resource guide (coming in late spring) as ‘starting points’ to direct you to resources in your community.

Caregivers Are Really Essential (CARE)
This listserv — an email communication system that allows you, through a message to a single address to reach all members of the list — will put you in touch with caregivers all around the country.  To learn more or to subscribe for free, email

National Family Caregiver Association
This nonprofit organization offers tips on finding resources in your community and hosts free workshops (online and in-person) on topics such as “Communicating Effectively with Healthcare Professionals.”  To learn more, call (800) 896-3650 or visit   

Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA)
FCA is a nonprofit organization that publishes informational publications and provides local and national support programs, including the Family Care Navigator, a state-by-state, online guide to help you locate government, nonprofit, and private caregiver support services.  To learn more, call (800) 445-8106 or visit

National Alliance for Caregiving
A national nonprofit, the Alliance performs research and legislative work and also helps caregivers to find local resources with its “Family Care Resource Connection.”  To learn more, email or visit

Well Spouse Association (WSA)
Specifically dedicated to life partner caregivers, WSA offers an educational newsletter and several peer support options, including a network of general caregiver support groups, an online mentoring program and a round-robin letter writing group.  To learn more, call (800) 838-0879 or visit
We hope these resources are helpful.  If you need additional resources or have questions about caring for someone with Parkinson’s, call PDF at (800) 457-6676 or Ask the Expert, using our online service.