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Cook Well, Stay Well with Parkinson's Disease

Kathrynne Holden, a registered dietitian who specializes in the nutrition needs that are experienced by people with Parkinson's, has produced a useful cookbook for them and the people who prepare their meals. She offers a wide variety of dishes, very simple instructions for cooking them, and a list of the nutritional components of each dish. The large (8" by 11") paperback volume is printed in large, readable type - a useful asset for a book that is designed to be read by someone with one hand on the handle of a steaming pot and the other grasping a wooden spoon!

Included with the instructions for each dish is what may be to many PWPs an even more valuable aspect of the book: a handy table that answers the question; "What's great about this recipe?" The table defines and weighs various characteristics of the recipe, including ease of fixing; ease of chewing; edibility with the fingers; and contributions to the health of bones and the heart; and the persistent battle against constipation.

Many recipes are designed around the PD "Super Foods" - those rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, and other substances that are particularly needed by those with PD. Anyone choosing to rely on this book for menus would be well advised to stock-up on some relatively exotic foods such as flax seed, pearl barley, and quinoa - ingredients for which Ms. Holden finds a use in many of her offerings.

P.S. If you're wondering what quinoa is, Ms. Holden describes it as "an old 'new' grain, a staple food of the Incas thousands of years ago, a unique balance of complex carbohydrates, nutrients, and a high-quality protein."

"Cook Well, Stay Well with Parkinson's Disease", by Kathrynne Holden, M.S., R.D., 2003, can be ordered from Five Star Living, on (877) 565-2665 or at Cost $19.95 plus P&P. ISBN 0-9664370-1-2.