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Farewell to an Advocate

Millicent Kondracke,
1940 - 2004

It is with great sadness that the Parkinson's Disease Foundation reports the death of Millicent Kondracke, Parkinson's advocate and community leader, on July 22.

Since her diagnosis in 1987, Mrs. Kondracke had been an avid proponent for increasing federal funds for Parkinson's and, more recently, stem-cell research. She was known for her tenacious character and her unique ability to personalize Parkinson's by putting a real face to the disease. Both Mrs. Kondracke and her husband, Morton Kondracke, were active with the Parkinson's Action Network, the unified education and advocacy voice of the Parkinson's community, in Washington, DC.

Included in the couple's many contributions to the fight against Parkinson's is the book Mr. Kondracke authored, Saving Milly: Love, Politics and Parkinson's Disease (2001), which told the story of his wife's life before and after she was diagnosed with this disease. In addition to her advocacy work, Mrs. Kondracke previously served as a psychotherapist at Catholic University and the Neurology Center in Bethesda.

The Parkinson's community has lost an indomitable spirit and outstanding role model. Mrs. Kondracke is survived by her husband, Mort, two daughters, Alexandra and Andrea, and a sister.