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Shopping Around for PD Meds

Every year, PDF News & Review compiles pricing information on the most widely used Parkinson's medications. This year, we are bringing you pharmaceutical prices from three different outlets: an Internet pharmacy; a mail-order program; and a popular neighborhood chain pharmacy. The chart below can help people with Parkinson's find ways to save money on costly, but essential, prescriptions. Use this chart to compare the three outlets to find the best price for PD medications.

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The first pair of pricing columns represent the prices found on a popular Internet pharmacy, The second pair shows prices from Quality Pharmacy Services, a mail-order drug service that can be reached by calling (866) 500-3680, or by mail at 1130 Ten Rod Road, Suite E 303, North Kingston, RI 02852. (Prices shown include shipping and handling.) The third pair shows prices at an average neighborhood chain pharmacy. Please note that these prices will vary by location; check with your local pharmacy to confirm specific prices. Information on both brand and generic medications is included.

Another way to save on prescription drugs may be to enroll in the Medicare-approved discount drug card program. Most people with Medicare can enroll for a discount card; however, those with outpatient prescription drug coverage through Medicaid are not eligible. Visit and use the price comparison feature to see annual fees for the various cards available (usually ranging from free to $30) and for price comparisons amongst the cards in both neighborhood pharmacies and mail-order programs. Enrollment for this program began on May 3, 2004, and the cards may be used starting June 1, 2004.

PDF News & Review staff gathered this data in early March. However, prices for medications change often, and there is no way to guarantee how long the prices listed will be valid. Be sure to verify them before ordering.