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Online Course "Makes the Grade"

Many people become overnight caregivers for people with Parkinson's when a friend or family member is diagnosed. This can be intimidating and place a great deal of stress on the caregiver to learn everything about the disease and how to best take care of a loved one.

Stress no more, caregivers, because the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation has partnered with the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Administration on Aging to provide a free online training course for Parkinson's caregivers. This course, "Parkinson's training for caregivers", is an ideal tool for learning more about Parkinson's disease and how to best assist people afflicted with it.

The program, which can be accessed through the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation of a navigational tutorial and eight different lessons. These lessons cover a range of topics such as Characteristics of Parkinson's Disease, Treatment Basics for Parkinson's Disease, Activities of Daily Living and more. The module contains helpful features including easy-to-understand graphics and photographs. Especially useful for caregivers is the medications guide, which displays photographs of pills for Parkinson's treatment to enable easy identification.

The most exceptional features of the online training are the visual and auditory samples. Videos demonstrate actual Parkinson's symptoms and show caregivers how they can help with daily routines such as getting out of bed or standing. An audio clip illustrates voice change in Parkinson's.

The resulting combination of these elements is an outstanding web course that instructs caregivers on the many complexities of the disease and gives them a multitude of the best tips to assist a person with Parkinson's.

Although the website is geared specifically towards caregivers, it is an excellent tool for anyone in the Parkinson's community to learn more about the disease. Take the time to go through this simple and dynamic course and reap the benefits of enhanced knowledge, understanding and compassion.