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Dec 31 2014
Can Targeted Exercise Prevent Falls in Parkinsonís?

Dec 23 2014
Does a Gene Influence Coffeeís Ability to Lower Parkinsonís Risk?

Dec 19 2014
Blocking Mitochondrial Protein Improves Neuron Function in Mouse Models of PD

Dec 16 2014
Higher Rates of Certain Cancers Among LRRK2 Gene Mutation Carriers with PD

Dec 09 2014
Study Detects Parkinsonís Symptoms Years Before Diagnosis

Dec 09 2014
Drug Combination May Help Early Non-Motor Symptoms in Parkinsonís

Dec 08 2014
Deep Brain Stimulation Offers Only Short-Term Improvements for Balance in Parkinsonís

Dec 04 2014
Antibody Therapy Stops Spread of Parkinsonís Disease in Mice

Dec 03 2014
New Evidence Links a Gene to Cognitive Decline in Parkinsonís

Nov 06 2014
Study Finds that Mental Health Issues Lead People with Parkinson's to Leave the Workforce

Nov 05 2014
Stronger Warnings Urged for Drugs Linked to Impulse Control Disorders

Nov 04 2014
Viewpoint: When Is It Time to Try Deep Brain Stimulation?

Nov 04 2014
Does Delaying Levodopa Postpone Motor Fluctuations?

Oct 24 2014
A Drug Helps Motor Symptoms in a Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease

Sep 30 2014
Midlife Migraines Linked to Increased Parkinsonís Risk

Sep 29 2014
Investigational Drug May Reduce Levodopa ďOff-TimeĒ

Sep 25 2014
New Study Underscores Difficulty of Diagnosing Early Parkinsonís and Importance of Brain Donation

Sep 24 2014
Naltrexone Does Not Improve Impulse Control Disorders in Parkinsonís Disease

Sep 18 2014
Scientists Identify New Genetic Variations That Contribute to Parkinsonís Risk

Sep 11 2014
Droxidopa (NORTHERA™) Available in the US to Treat Low Blood Pressure in Parkinsonís

Aug 06 2014
New Drug Extends Levodopaís Benefits in Moderate and Advanced Parkinsonís Disease

Jul 22 2014
Dopaminergic Therapy Spurs Creativity in People with Parkinson's Disease

Jul 07 2014
Rasagiline Slightly Boosts Motor Benefits of Dopamine Agonists in Early PD

Jul 03 2014
Brisk Walking Improves Many Parkinsonís Symptoms

Jun 26 2014
Research Boosts New Theory About How Parkinsonís Starts

Jun 17 2014
Genetic Variations Related to Gastrointestinal System Linked to Parkinsonís

Jun 11 2014
Gaucher Disease Points Way to Possible New Treatment for Parkinsonís

Jun 10 2014
Levodopa Shows Slight Edge as Initial Treatment for Parkinsonís

Jun 09 2014
Study Underscores Benefits of Taking Parkinsonís Medicines On-Schedule

Jun 03 2014
A Theory to Account for Vision Changes in Parkinsonís Disease

Jun 02 2014
Study Hints that Immune System May Attack Cells in Parkinsonís

May 16 2014
People with Gaucher Disease at Seven to Nine Percent Risk of Developing Parkinson's

May 16 2014
Occupational Therapy Can Benefit People with Parkinsonís Disease

May 09 2014
Brain May Compensate for Dopamine Neuron Loss Early in Parkinsonís

May 09 2014
Parkinsonís Disease Symptoms Vary with Age of Disease Onset

Apr 30 2014
Wii Video Games May Improve Cognitive Abilities in Parkinsonís Disease

Apr 25 2014
Study Finds Sleep Disturbances in Parkinson’s May Be Related to Circadian System Dysfunction

Apr 22 2014
High-Dose Coenzyme Q10 Does Not Slow Parkinsonís Progression

Apr 22 2014
Barriers to Treating Psychosis in Parkinsonís with Clozapine

Mar 20 2014
Salivary Gland Biopsy Shows Promise to Helping to Diagnose Parkinsonís

Mar 20 2014
Novel Formulation of Levodopa May Ease Parkinsonís Symptoms with Fewer Pills

Feb 24 2014
Tracking Parkinsonís Progression Over the Long-Term For Less

Feb 19 2014
FDA Approves New Drug to Treat Low Blood Pressure in Parkinsonís

Feb 03 2014
New Insight Into How Pesticides May Increase Parkinsonís Risk

Jan 29 2014
Studies Find Disparities in Use of Deep Brain Stimulation

Jan 24 2014
Genetic Parkinsonís May Progress More Slowly

Jan 22 2014
Research Study Participants in US Report Positive Experiences

Jan 17 2014
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Comments on Possible New Drug to Treat Low Blood Pressure in Parkinsonís

Jan 17 2014
Deep Brain Stimulation Improves Driving

Jan 13 2014
MRI Spectroscopy Does Not Detect Early Parkinsonís

Jan 09 2014
New Gene Therapy May Improve Parkinsonís Motor Symptoms

Jan 06 2014
Updated Parkinsonís Rating Scale May Be Helpful in Designing Future Clinical Trials