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Manufacturer of the Parkinson's Patch Announces Recall of US Batches Because of Concern About Effectiveness; Advises Patients to See Their Doctors

UCB Inc., the company that manufactures rotigotine (Neupro(R)), the transdermal patch treatment that is used to ease the symptoms of Parkinsonís disease in its early stages, has announced a recall of all Neupro batches in the United States and some areas of Europe. The company has assured the public that the recall has been made not because of concern about contamination or toxicity, but because of a deviation from approved product standards that has apparently reduced the effectiveness of the treatment.

Because correction of the problem and the replenishment of the batches will take time, patients on Neupro are being advised to contact their health care professionals to arrange for their doses to be reduced slowly over time, as advised on the product label. The company advises strongly against sudden discontinuation.

Dr. Christopher Goetz, Director of the Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Research Center at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, says that for patients now on Neupro, the physician may recommend switching to one of the oral medications known as dopamine agonists that are in the same drug class as Neupro.

The PDF website will continue to keep readers informed as the supply situation, and the companyís response, become clear.

Source Date: Mar 20 2008